Meet Sarah

Sarah Elfreth broke a glass ceiling in 2018, becoming the youngest woman elected to the State Senate in Maryland history. But Sarah isn’t about headlines – she has built a reputation as one of the most effective legislators in the State. Over the course of her first five years in office, she passed 84 bills into law on issues that actually impact Maryland families – protecting the Chesapeake Bay, strengthening the economy, expanding prenatal care, and helping veterans with PTSD. Sarah isn’t one for slogans – she works to do what is right.

Sarah is known for bringing everyone to the table to solve problems. At the beginning of her second term, Sarah was appointed to an important leadership position in the Senate’s budget committee, overseeing tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer investments in transportation, environmental, and public safety programs. Sarah is also a leader outside of the Senate. As a member of the tri-state Chesapeake Bay Commission, she helps coordinate State and federal efforts to clean up the Bay.

Sarah has been recognized as “Legislator of the Year” by the Maryland Military Coalition, the Park Rangers, the Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition, Preservation Maryland, and the Maryland Library Association.

Sarah represents parts of the Broadneck Peninsula, the City of Annapolis, and southern Anne Arundel County. It is a diverse collection of communities, each with distinctive needs. On any given day, Sarah works with parents concerned about overcrowding in their schools, advocates for affordable housing, or farmers doing their best to stay in business. She knows how to partner with people from all walks of life to get things done.

Sarah graduated magna cum laude from Towson University, where she served as a student member of the University System Board of Regents, and earned a master’s degree in Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University. She currently teaches public policy at Towson University’s Honors College and works as a senior advisor to conservation and fisheries management organizations. She lives in Annapolis with her dog Hoosier, where she enjoys hiking, being on the water, and collecting oyster plates.