Responding to the Key Bridge Disaster

Baltimore’s economic reality changed in an instant when a massive container ship hit the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which then collapsed into the Patapsco River. As a result, the Port of Baltimore is all but closed for the foreseeable future. The Port generates 15,300 direct jobs and supports another 140,000. Sarah knows we must reopen the Port, support the affected workers and businesses, and mitigate the environmental impact of the disaster. In the Maryland Senate, she is fighting for emergency temporary relief for affected workers. On Capitol Hill, she will work with her colleagues in the Maryland Delegation to ensure Congress honors President Biden’s commitment to building a new bridge where the Key Bridge once stood.

Defending Choice

Sarah knows healthcare decisions are between you and your doctor – not elected officials or judges. In the Maryland Senate, Sarah proudly voted to expand access to reproductive healthcare and co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to enshrine reproductive freedom as a fundamental right in Maryland’s State Constitution. On Capitol Hill, Sarah will fight to make Roe v Wade the law of the land again and take on extremists who want to enforce a national abortion ban and prohibit IVF.

Combating the Epidemic of Gun Violence

Sarah beat an NRA-backed Republican to become the youngest woman in Maryland history elected to the State Senate, where she became a champion for keeping our communities safe from gun violence. In the Maryland Senate, she helped pass laws prohibiting individuals from carrying firearms in public places like schools, restaurants, and churches. She voted to ban ghost guns, increase penalties for illegal possession of firearms, and ensure gun owners properly store firearms unloaded and away from children. On Capitol Hill, she will fight to ban assault weapons, expand background checks, and crack down on illegal firearms in our communities.

Protecting the Chesapeake Bay & Leading on Climate Change

Sarah earned the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters, and Maryland Matters described Sarah as “one of the leading environmentalists in the legislature.” She passed laws to increase the oyster population, invest in clean energy jobs, protect our communities from flooding and rising sea levels, and encourage private sector investment in restoring the Bay. On Capitol Hill, she will fight for climate justice, to speed our transition to clean energy, to help communities become more resilient to climate change, and to protect the Bay and its watershed.

Building an Inclusive Economy

Sarah was raised in a union household and is committed to tearing down the barriers that prevent people from fully participating in our economy. In the Maryland Senate, she fought to expand access to affordable childcare and passed a law to expand broadband access and connectivity to Maryland households and small businesses, which is vital in the new economy. She earned the endorsement of the National Education Association, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and Baltimore Council of the International Longshoremen’s Association. On Capitol Hill, she will fight for progress on medical leave, parental leave, and caregiver leave. She will work to bring down the cost of childcare, expand access to workforce housing, and reduce the burden of student loans.

Strengthening our Healthcare System

Sarah believes everyone deserves access to healthcare, and she knows that preventative care improves patients’ quality of life, delivers better outcomes, and lowers costs. In the Maryland Senate, she passed a law to secure millions of dollars for prenatal care for expecting mothers because prenatal care ensures healthy moms, healthy pregnancies, and healthy babies. She also passed a law targeting health disparities by providing additional resources to disproportionately affected communities. She also supported the creation of the first-of-its-kind Prescription Drug Affordability Board and capped the cost of insulin to bring down the cost of life-saving prescription medicines. On Capitol Hill, she will fight to protect the Affordable Care Act from right-wing attacks and to expand coverage to the nearly 30 million Americans without health insurance. She will also work to expand cancer screenings for first responders.

Protecting our Democracy

Maryland’s Third Congressional District has been represented by Congressman John Sarbanes, a giant in the fight to protect and strengthen our democratic institutions. Congressman Sarbanes fought to protect voting rights, election integrity and security, campaign finance, and ethics in government. In the Maryland Senate, Sarah passed a law to make it easier for active duty members of the military and college students to vote and chaired the oversight committee that ensured the transparency and integrity of the 2020 elections. She also supported fully funding Maryland’s statewide public financing of elections system. On Capitol Hill, Sarah will proudly continue Congressman Sarbanes’ work to reform and strengthen our democratic institutions by co-sponsoring the For The People Act and the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act.

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