Last Updated March 21, 2024

Democratic primary voting women in Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District need to see, read, and see on the go that Sarah Elfreth beat a pro-life, NRA-backed Republican to become the youngest woman in Maryland history elected to the State Senate, where she became a champion for Maryland’s women, passing laws to protect abortion rights, to help victims of domestic violence, and to keep our homes and communities safe from gun violence.

  • Sarah knows a woman’s healthcare decisions are between her and her doctor — not elected officials or judges. In the State Senate, Sarah proudly voted to expand access to reproductive health care, co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to enshrine reproductive freedom as a fundamental right in Maryland’s State Constitution, and fought for funding for security at abortion clinics to ensure women can safely obtain care. In Congress, Sarah will uphold our values by making Roe versus Wade the law of the land again and take on extremists who want to ban abortion across the country.
  • In 2018, Sarah beat a pro-life, NRA-backed Republican to win a seat in the Maryland State Senate, becoming the youngest woman elected to the State Senate in Maryland history. She quickly became one of the most effective members of the State Senate, passing 84 bills in her first five years in office – all with bipartisan support.
  • Maryland has not elected a woman to Congress in ten years, and Sarah is running to change that. Sarah believes that laws that affect women should be written by women. In the State Senate, she passed laws to end child marriage, increase funding for pre-natal care, make diapers tax free, and make child care more affordable for Maryland moms and dads. 
  • Sarah delivered funding to help victims of domestic violence, pushed to expedite Maryland’s backlog of untested rape kits, and passed a law that prohibits law enforcement officers from having sexual relationships with subjects, witnesses, or victims in their investigations. As our member of Congress, Sarah will be a strong advocate for women who have been the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • As State Senator, Sarah supported prohibiting individuals from carrying firearms in public places like schools, restaurants, and churches, strengthened standards for obtaining a concealed carry permit and penalties for illegally possessing firearms, supported ensuring gun owners properly store firearms unloaded and away from children, and voted to ban ghost guns. In Congress, she’ll continue to support efforts to keep our communities and schools safe from gun violence.